19-year-old conjoined twins captivated netizens with their photos

When sisters Lupite and Carmen Andrade from Mexico were born, doctors gave no comforting predictions. The girls are omphalopagi, they have a fused chest and part of the body up to the groin. At the same time, a matched number of hearts, lungs and two pairs of hands each. But the liver, the reproductive system and the digestive system – one for two. But this did not prevent the girls from learning to live normally in the current conditions.

Not so long ago, Lupita and Carmen grew up, they have an Instagram account, where they share photos of their daily lives. This time they appeared in front of subscribers in stylish denim shorts and black T-shirts, for which they received a huge amount of compliments. 19-year-old twins often appear on TV and are also learning to drive a car.

The girls believe this will help them become less dependent on their parents. And in the future, Lupita and Carmen plan to become veterinarians. A few years ago, the girls were offered to undergo separation surgery, but the high risk of complications and death forced them to refuse.

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