A mother raccoon takes her cubs to visit her favorite human

Roxy has given birth to four babies and seems very happy. The newly rescued raccoon wanted to show them to his loved ones. She did. Regular visits began in April 2021, when Brittany Seidel purchased her new home. The previous owner was known to take care of the flora and fauna of the region.

She said: “I had heard that raccoons sometimes come into the house, but I couldn’t believe it for the first week after I moved in.” I was cooking dinner when they knocked on my back door.” However, as the raccoons got used to her, she took it upon herself to continue this ritual.

In early May, Roxy was seen feeding, Seidel recalls. One morning she arrived at the back door with her four children. The baby Roxy delivered last year is still visiting, according to Saidel. The raccoon had been on several trips and it was thought there might be other babies in the house. Saidel said she came to the table more often during the day than at night.

It is Roxy who brings her baby to Saidel.

Around this time, Roxy, who lives in the forest behind the house, seems to consider Saidel a member of the family.

She adds: “We have just bought a mini-pool to be able to swim and play. This is very fun.” Being involved in Roxy’s life made Saidel more aware of his own journey.”

I could see that she wanted to work with animals.” I am currently in the process of obtaining a license to open a non-profit wildlife conservation organization.

Following in the footsteps of Roxy and her children has had a real impact on the lives of Saidel and those who can’t wait to see it all on the internet.

Saidel says, “Not only has he had a positive impact on my life, but he has definitely brought a lot of smiles to the internet.” Every day, I look forward to seeing her. She really became a member of the family”.

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