Devastated by her impending divorce, a woman breaks down in tears: her horse comforts her

Animals understand their masters and know when it’s time to be close to them. Shania Hunnicutt, at the center of a story that has gone viral on the web thanks to the images of a touching and moving moment lived with her four-legged friend, knows something about it.

No, we are not talking about a dog or a cat, but a horse. Passionate and devoted to these animals, the woman felt comforted by them at a very difficult time in her life.

image: Tik Tok/southernbelletouch

Shania was in full marital crisis when she accidentally shot a video of herself with her two horses, Shiner and Moonshine. Always driven by a great passion for these animals, the Texan worked to become trainer and, almost every day, she spent time with her two friends to practice and film their reactions.

image: Tik Tok/southernbelletouch

Some time ago, as the day of her divorce from her partner approached and she was busy moving house, she had one of the most intense and touching moments with one of her foursome friends. paws. Shania had gone to see her horses as usual to check that everything was fine and to practice her training. Usually she placed a camera to film his work and study the interaction of animals.

image: Tik Tok/southernbelletouch

“I had just set up the camera like I always do, when I had a moment of discouragement,” she said in an interview. I sat down and something unexpected happened. Shiner, my horse, felt something. He rested his muzzle on my shoulder and pulled me to his chest. He wanted to comfort me and I burst into tears.”

The horse sensed something was wrong, perhaps he realized how much his owner was in pain and tried to comfort her. In the footage, the animal can clearly be seen approaching Shania and pulling her close. He hugged her in his own way and indirectly told her to stay calm, as he and Moonshine were by her side.

image: Tik Tok/southernbelletouch

Despite this painful and sad moment, the woman was very touched by what she experienced and may be forever grateful to her horse Shiner for her calming gesture.

Animals are beautiful creatures. Regardless of their breed, they will always do their best to make their owners happy and to be there for them in any way possible, just like Shania was. If possible, try to return the favor, they will be happy.

@southernbelletouch Very vulnerable post to make… but Shiner was helping me heal. move out day.. #fyp #horsesheal #horsetherapy #divorcesucks ♬ original sound – Austin Mayo

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