Girls of the same appearance living in different countries accidentally discovered each other

True, each of us at least once in his life wondered if there was another person in this world with the same appearance.Today at we are going to tell you an amazing story about how twin girls living in different countries accidentally discovered each other: relatives and friends first confused them. Further in the photo below: Lana is on the left and Bianca is on the right.

Friends of Bianca Mihai from Moldova, while surfing the Internet, came across a photo of a girl who looked incredibly like her. They showed the photos to Bianca’s parents and their reaction confirmed friends’ opinion that the girl in the photo is a copy of Bianca. The parents did not immediately believe that it was not their daughter. And the mother of Lana Al Beik from Dubai also came across a video where she thinks her daughter is singing. And she was genuinely surprised by the vocal talent, which she hadn’t known before, after showing the video to Lana.

Imagine her surprise when her daughter said it wasn’t her. Bianca is 7 years younger than Lan, but that doesn’t affect their incredible similarity. Having got to know each other, the girls immediately contacted each other in social networks and agreed to meet. Bianca happily accepted Lana’s invitation to fly to Dubai, and the girls had a great time.

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