He sees an elderly woman waiting in line to fill up her car and decides to pay him: a golden boy!

As a motorist, it is obvious that part of the monthly salary will necessarily be spent on refueling and car maintenance. It is clear to everyone that without gasoline, a vehicle will never be able to move on its own, even if refueling your car is a fairly large, and not insignificant, expense. How we would like, for once, someone at the gas station to pay for our gasoline for us!

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What we want to tell you today is the story of Olivia Jennings, an elderly woman living in the American city of Memphis, who had a very positive and unexpected experience with two young men from the neighborhood when she was queuing at the gas station to put gas in her car. Meanwhile, she was listening to the laughter and talk of two boys behind her, so she approached them and started exchanging a couple of jokes with them. The boys were so amused and surprised by the wit and humor of this old lady that one of them comes forward and offers Olivia Jennings to pay her the amount of her gas supply.

Olivia thought it was a joke at first, but it was serious: the boy from Memphis took out a 20 dollar bill and paid for the gasoline for the old lady out of his pocket who lined up in front of them. Olivia Jennings was both incredulous and delighted: did such nice and polite men really exist today? It seemed like a rarity, but everything that happened to this woman was absolutely true!

After this experience as beautiful as it was unexpected, Olivia Jennings decided to post on her Facebook profile a photo taken in the gas station, where she poses smiling next to the nice boy who had decided to pay for the gas for his car, without asking anything in return: “This boy has just paid for my gasoline. Tell me about the youth of Memphis!” the woman wrote.

It is therefore true that we should not always generalize: today, there are so many young people who still carry values ​​such as kindness, generosity and education towards the elders of the community!

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