Man peeks into parrot’s nest and finds unlikely family

One day 14 years ago, farmer Josemar Milli and his wife were driving through a wooded area near their home in Brazil when something caught their eye. In the forest, two helpless baby parrots were found stuck by a fallen tree. The pair decide to save them – an action that ultimately doesn’t just save the birds’ lives.

After rescuing the baby parrots and bringing them home, Millie and her wife care for them until they are adults. Then one of the birds flew away and they never saw it again. The other, although having complete freedom to do the same, has decided to stay. “We called him Blondie,” Millie said. “She has never been in a cage. She didn’t want to leave. Since then, Luro has been able to come and go – and is always happy to sit on Millie’s loving shoulder.

Recently, however, Millie has noticed that the bird’s diet has changed. If she often left to explore the world during the day, she always returned at night. “Blondie was still sleeping at home, but she slept somewhere else for three nights,” Millie said. “And during the day, she started hanging around this wooden fence.” Naturally, Millie’s curiosity was piqued. Although Luro was known to sometimes stay in the nest he had made in the hollow post, he now oddly insisted on staying nearby. So Millie decided to see what had fascinated Luror so much.

And that’s what she saw: To Millie’s surprise, it turned out that Louro had apparently found — and apparently adopted — a litter of three little kittens. Millie suspected that the neighbor’s cat gave birth in Louro’s nest, but then abandoned them. Without Louro’s persistence and Millie’s attention, the kittens might not have been found in time. But thanks to the parrot, they were all saved.

Initially, Millie tries to return the kittens to the cat who was presumably their father, but he keeps rejecting them. Meanwhile, the blonde has apparently bonded. “He thinks of them as his kittens,” says Millie. The kittens adopted by Luro were also adopted by other members of Millie’s family. “We brought them home and we’re taking care of them,” Millie says. Even Millie’s cat helped make the difference.

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Thanks to the parrot’s help, the three kittens not only survived, but found a loving home. “My daughters will keep them,” Millie said. It seems that the blonde still insists on staying.

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Really, for a wild bird saved and raised by an extraordinary family, it is normal that it does the same for a species that is not its own. After all, Luro has always been loved. And the blonde had always been free. And yet, thanks to this freedom, she chooses to give as much sweet love as she receives.

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