Service dog saves baby deer from drowning and returns the next day to say thank you

One night, Harley, a golden retriever, went missing. Naturally, Ralph wanted to know where he had gone. On June 2, at the edge of the lake, the dog had visibly moved away. The lake near his house was vast and offered plenty of opportunities for adventurous dogs. Shortly after, Ralph found Harley by the lake. And the dog was not alone.

Harley turned out to be a good swimmer, having inherited hound genes. Hunting dogs are bred and socialized, but they seem to inevitably love the water. Harley paddling in the middle of the lake next to a fawn that is about to drown.

The Golden Doodle paddles to keep this endangered creature out of the water. Come to think of it, this was probably the beast’s first swimming lesson. And the male was lucky Harley was there. On a lake this size, you don’t always expect a friendly dog ​​to come to your rescue.

Eventually they reached the shore. Harley then took the fawn to her backyard and began licking and grooming it. As if to say “I met her when I protected her, so she’s my friend now,” Harley refuses to let go of the deer. He seemed determined to stay with her.

Of course, the doe was nearby, waiting to be reunited with her baby, so he had no choice. I may have saved your life, Harley, but you’re not a deer! You are a deer. The mother deer came to get her baby. She followed the fawn antlers into Dawn’s garden.

Done has seen it all. Now she knew her mother would take care of her. She put Harley inside the house, left the money outside, and sent her mother to get it. This doe was always cautious and waited until Dawn and Harley were out of sight before heading off with the fawn.

They were now reunited and both seemed to be gone. The next morning, Dawn saw Harley running impatiently from window to window. There’s something interesting out there. Dawn opened the front door to see what it was. As Harley ran through the woods, Dawn heard a fawn mumble. It sounded like the fawn from yesterday had come back to say thank you.

Wasn’t it like an old Disney movie? They touched noses, chatted and savored the final moments before the beast was gone forever. Goodbye my friend. A certified therapy dog, Harley is particularly good at helping and comforting others. It is thanks to these two skills that he won a friend and allowed us to read this beautiful story. Harley usually takes care of the human children, Dawn’s grandchildren.

But the love and protection of dogs seems to be a universal language. Neither Harley nor Ralph Dawn know where the fawn and its mother are. Dawn estimates that the fawn was only a few days old at the time of the incident. Over 100,000 people responded with love to the story Dawn shared on Facebook. There is always room for other eyes to read this story. Please share this story so that as many people as possible can read it.

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