The boy installed a camera to understand what his cat does at night

A young resident of Thailand, who in social networks called himself the mysterious nickname Lomfonten-Lomfontan, grew up in a family where they always loved pets and got used to mutual love of four-legged friends.

Here is just a new resident – ​​handsome kitten Archie was not like other pets. No matter how hard his young owner tried to get at least some affection and attention from the cat, Archie remained cold and stingy with Lomfontaine’s love.

After some time of incomprehension and curiosity, the young man decided on a trick. He decided to install a hidden camera and find out how his favorite spends his nightly leisure.

The result exceeded all expectations! During a night’s sleep, the guy felt a kind of heaviness on his body, but could not understand the reason. The cat didn’t confess anything.

As soon as the young man falls asleep, Archie jumps on the bed and settles comfortably next to him.

A cold and unemotional cat is completely transformed! He flatters the sleeping owner, reaches out to his face and does not hide his love! Turns out the guy was wrong – his pet loves him a lot.

The next morning, after watching the video, Lomfontaine was shot in the heart. Archie happens to be a very shy cat and cannot openly express his feelings. And only under the cover of night does he dare to lie down next to the owner and let him know that he is not so cold and ungrateful.

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