The bride and groom ask their guests 150 euros for the wedding lunch: “What should I do?”

Weddings are always happy events, special occasions when friends and relatives come together to celebrate a new union, perhaps even making new acquaintances among the groom’s and bride’s guests at the receptions held right after the ceremony. , which – although splendid – come at a significant cost. Perhaps that’s why a married couple made a rather unusual request to their guests: be reimbursed for restaurant costs up to 75 euros per person.

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The bizarre episode was described by one girl in a long post shared on Facebook: “I have long thought about whether or not I should turn to the web for advice, but then I thought the best way to to handle this situation was to read more reviews about it, because i am completely baffled by what is going on: we received a lovely wedding invitation via email and my fiancé and I happily accepted the invitation ”, she wrote.

“A few days later, we received a nice voicemail of thanks, followed bya request for 150 euros to cover the cost of dinner. Since when is it customary to ask for reimbursement of the meal? We have never had to pay a penny to participate in a ceremony: what to do in this case? continues the young woman.

image: Pexels – Not the Actual Photo

After being advised by the web to ask for clarification before accepting or refusing the invitation, she explained that the bride did not take it well at all: “Who are you to ask me what I do for my wedding? I don’t understand why all these people are declining after I called them like we have to pay for everyone to eat. It’s “my” wedding! Either you pay or you don’t come!” she replied.

Faced with such aggressiveness, most users advised him not to attend. Do you think they made the right choice? How would you have behaved in this girl’s place?

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