3 tiny dancers line up facing the wall, but when they turn around, the audience is laughing

Joanna was part of a trio that took the stage in a pink and black outfit paired with a precious polka dot tutu. Dad pulled it and we’re so glad he did Joanna’s concert schedule definitely demanded a lot of respect from all the audience. The audience couldn’t help but laugh, cheer and applaud as the young girl shone on stage. His flashy hand movements, nods, pointing fingers, and energetic movements set him apart. Elisa’s mother said her daughter kept repeating the house routine, which gave Elisa the opportunity to tell her daughter about the legendary Aretha Franklin.

It’s even funnier when Joanna starts lip-syncing while dancing. He raises his hands and shakes his head. Then, as she paces and applauds, Joanna sinks into routine. At the very end, he makes his last gesture and the crowd bursts into laughter. He finished to a standing ovation from the audience of 400 people. Joanna was six years old when she performed the number, but had been dancing since the age of two. His dedication is evident in the video below. It’s so fun to watch.


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