A baby elephant rushes to save a man from “drowning” wins all the hearts of netizens

An old viral video showing a baby elephant rushing to save a guy from “drowning” is regaining popularity on social media.

The adorable footage, originally shared on Twitter a few days ago, shows a herd of elephants standing by a river, while a human can be seen swimming in the river.

Suddenly, the man acts as he is about to drown. The next moment wins the Internet. A baby elephant rushes to save the drowning man.

It happened at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants.

Here, animal lovers like Darrick, the man in the video, have dedicated their lives to helping and protecting these incredible creatures.

Kham Lha, an orphan baby elephant, is very fond of Darrick, the man who takes care of her every day. So when his protector cries out for help, the baby elephant rushes to save him.

That’s what these magnificent creatures are capable of.

Of course, the man was never in danger. The adorable images are meant to raise awareness to stop hunting elephants. Darrick and Save Elephant Foundation are barely trying to help in the conservation of this species!

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