A ranger feeds the wolf: three months later the whole pack went home and said thank you

A ranger feeds the wolf: three months later, the whole pack has gone home and said thank you.

Hearing the noise, Gorge went outside to see what was going on. He was looking at a hungry wolf. Especially in winter, it is not easy for animals to find food.

The poor animals roam so they can find food.

The forest was empty and empty. The canyon gave him frozen flesh. And many times a week the wolf would come back to beg the ranger for food.

The villagers got scared and started cursing the canyon. Gorge also knew that wild animals were extremely hazardous, but he continued to feed the wolves.

With the arrival of spring, the wolves stopped visiting.

Three months later, Gorge heard a herd of wolves barking outside the window.

He came out and saw three wolves. He got it all through the winter.

Ammal provided the family with the groceries Gorge had given her, and they went home to say goodbye and thank her for her kindness. Since then, he has never returned.

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