A young girl brought a 20-year-old cat home to give her some well-deserved rest.

Fluffy Diesel was unfortunately single on his 20th birthday. How sad that the cat is in the shelter. Yesterday he was leading a free and friendly life, and then one day he was put behind bars. Or even the bars of an animal shelter, that doesn’t suit a cat.

An animal shelter activist in Los Angeles couldn’t stand Diesel’s sad sight. The old man, who lives in a regular animal shelter, managed to win the heart of Tracy Peddie. He discovers that the cat is not lonely of his own free will, but a victim of his owner’s divorce. The couple could not share the care and left it to a volunteer. Tracy was moved by the plight of the cat and decided to help her find a new home and loving owners by posting her on social media.

The post was once seen by Tige Yamamoto, who was already in the pet business. She already had two kittens, but that didn’t stop her. She knows that newborn pets can be adopted at any time. It is more serious for those who already have a lot of experience in life. That’s why he wants to give his love to old and injured cats.

When they first met, they were surprised because they didn’t know what he looked like or how old he was. She remembers that she immediately thought of adopting the old orphan. She didn’t hesitate to tell the Kit Crusaders organizers about it, and within 24 hours, a veterinary nurse came to pick up the cat.

Early the next morning, Yamamoto was already at the shelter waiting for Diesel. After returning the cat, the new friends visited the vet. At this age and in this condition, a veterinary examination could not be postponed.

The cat looked neglected and had hair issues. Diesel looked at the world with a sad expression on his face, as if he thought he was going to be abandoned again.

When the door opens, the animals realize that this is their new home and that they are welcome. The cat seems tired and very happy in its new home. Her new toys are also more to her liking.

He was nervous about staying two days and one night, but he is grateful. The girl was worried about the health of the old man and even planned a visit to the doctor, a bath and grooming the cat. Diesel looks and feels better now that the dirty circles in his fur are gone.

He was now much more confident, as young as a newborn, and interested in the world around him. There is a new sparkle in his eyes. Tais realizes that Diesel loves him. And Diesel loves her back. He now refuses to let the woman in the house and tries to caress her at all times. She understands how stressed the cat was when he arrived from the shelter.

Ms. Tice immediately introduced her cat, Sara, to the newcomer. She immediately approved of his choice and welcomed Diesel into the family.

Diesel’s age was no longer an issue and this was his true retirement. In the last photo, the cat is literally bathed in love.

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