An 11-year-old Nigerian boy danced barefoot in the rain and woke up famous.

Thanks to modern technology, it is easy to become famous just by surfing the internet.

Today we are telling you about a young Nigerian man who rose to fame by dancing barefoot in the rain. Her dancing has been recognized by celebrities.

Anthony Madu is a dancer and his school uploaded a video of him dancing barefoot in the rain. Users were delighted to have the opportunity to learn from top professionals. Anthony’s videos have been shared on the site by celebrities, including actress Viola Davis.

Due to his popularity on social media, the press also took notice of Anthony. Thanks to the media attention, Anthony was noticed and invited to join a ballet school in New York. He then studied at the American Ballet Theatre, one of the nation’s leading ballet schools.

He loves dancing and wants to become a professional dancer in the future. We wish Anthony every success in achieving his dream.

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