Because of her appearance, everyone avoided her, but one day she was taken in by a nice girl.

Everyone avoided her because of her looks, but one day she was accepted by a nice girl. In this way, she became a ray of light. Just as people are judged by their appearance in our world, the same is true in the animal world. People only want beautiful purebred dogs and kittens; nobody wants a dog that lives on the streets or is ugly.

This chihuahua puppy was not very beautiful. When he was seven weeks old, he had sores all over his body and no hair had grown. The owner decided he was a “bad boy” and gave him to a shelter. And there, the little guy continues to be neglected. Everyone was happy to see a healthy dog. The shelter staff took pity on the little guy, but understood that no one would take him in. The animal’s life would be short and miserable.

But a miracle happened. One day a young girl named Amanda found an ugly, wrinkled dog. They looked at each other and she knew she had to save this creature. Amanda didn’t wonder if she could fix this little girl, she just wanted to make her life happy.

The puppy’s name is Pippa. When caressed, this child blossoms. She turned out to be a very sociable and affectionate girl. Amanda now has several pets, all of whom are very attached to this “newcomer”.

At first, in her spare time, Amanda took care of Pippa, bathed her and applied special ointments to treat her wounds. Now, with proper nutrition, treatment and love, it works. All wounds dried up and a layer of soft fur appeared on the skin.

Pippa now looks like any other Chihuahua and no longer complains about her health. She enjoys a full puppy life with happy companions. She also thanks her owners every day for their kindness and care. Puppy loyalty knows no bounds.

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