Dolphins offer humans gifts they find at the bottom of the ocean in exchange for food.

Dolphins can form complex social networks and communicate verbally or physically.

Cunning and clever, the dolphin offers people gifts from the seabed in exchange for a small amount of food.

Mystique clearly knows that no one can resist a good gift and uses it to achieve her own ends. He regularly delivers various gifts from the seabed to volunteers at the Barnacles Dolphin Centre.

Mystic cuties receive gifts such as corals, seashells, and old bottles in exchange for food. Dolphins have a reputation for being good treasure hunters, but all they really want is tasty fish.

The Barnacle Dolphin Center has been forced to close due to the Covid 19 quarantine, and the animals miss the attention they once received from tourists.

He’s not only a very smart dolphin, she’s also very cunning and always looking for new ways to get attention.

This adorable dolphin is one of a pod of seven, but he’s the only one known to bring gifts from the sea.

They are confident that Mystique’s behavior will not change and that she will gather more information as she encounters them.

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