Sick Man’s Condition Improves Significantly After Beloved Dog Visits

The relationship between a dog and its owner can be incredibly strong, as anyone who has ever had a dog knows. Dogs understand people very well, it’s been known for a long time.

They can interpret what we say and, more importantly, they have an intuition that gives them a keen sense of how we feel.

Dogs are always there for their master and mistress, and are able to provide comfort in times of sadness or join in the fun in times of joy.

Source: YouTube screenshot/Know-Whitley Animal Shelter

Many seniors rely on their pets for companionship and comfort in their old age. For many people, their pet is a lifeline; it gives them a reason to keep going, helps them fight loneliness, and can even help them through difficult times.

For James Wathen, his dog was his lifeline when he was going through the darkest moment of his life, he was his best friend and the one he needed more than ever.

In 2014, James was terminally ill. The 73-year-old was a patient at Baptist Health Hospital in Corbin, Kentucky. While in hospital, James was separated from his beloved dog, a one-eyed Chihuahua named Bubba.

Because of this, they both stopped eating for six weeks.

With the disease greatly affecting his physical and mental state, James’s nurses made it their personal mission to return the dog he spoke of so fondly.

The kind nurses at Baptist Health helped find him at the Knox Whitley animal shelter, where Bubba had been admitted after his owner became bedridden. At the time, Bubba was in foster care.

Photo/Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter

On October 11, 2014, the nurses’ efforts paid off and James was finally able to reunite with his beloved Bubba in the hospital.

“When Bubba was brought to James, he started feeling upset and then Bubba started cuddling James,” Deanna Myers, director of the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, posted on Facebook. “And it makes you realize that animals are not just pets, but loved ones. »

Bubba’s presence seemed to have an immediate effect on James.

The nurses noted that the day after their reunion, Wathen seemed to have a boost of energy. He suddenly started eating and sitting up like he never had before.

Seeing the effect his beloved pet has had on his well-being, Baptist Health in Corbin is doing everything possible to ensure that James can have regular visits with his dog.

See exactly why in the video below.

The love we have for our pets is very powerful!

Thank you Baptist Hospital and staff for allowing this animal to spend time with his best friend!

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