Suddenly the dog gives birth in the back of the car after being rescued

Rebecca was with her husband in Savannah and she decided to take an unplanned trip before returning home.

While many people are trying to buy souvenirs, Rebecca decided to take something truly worthy with her.

She decided to help the most needy dog ​​in the shelter before returning home.

Rebecca knew Lizzie, her friend’s young terrier who lived in that area.

Shelter staff say Lizzie was left at the animal shelter.

To make the long trip to Florida go comfortably, the couple made a warm and soft bed in the back seat.

Rebecca sat down next to the dog and started petting it. After an hour she calmed down and tried to feel peaceful in her hand.

Soon the dog gave birth and at that time Rebecca was playing the role of a midwife to make sure the babies were born safely!

Lizzie gave birth to three puppies and she was so professional!

Luckily everything was fine for her and the babies!

This journey will forever be in their minds and thanks to the owners of the dog, the mother dog got a second chance at life.

After everything the dog has been through, he has remained very affectionate and careful!

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