The cat sat in an old house with a live kitten hanging from its paw

The cat was sitting in an old house with a live kitten hanging from its paw.

As I passed the isolated house, a caring person noticed the cat.

She was shabby, had a wound on her body and a kitten was lying next to her. At first, the witnesses did not understand what was happening, but then they looked closely and saw strange images…

When the cat saw a person, it ran away. A little kitten chased after him as if tied.

They were really surprised people, and they decided to keep track of where the cat was going and what the cat was doing near the abandoned house.

They were shocked when people managed to catch up with the cat and see him again…

It turned out that there was definitely a rope around the cat’s neck and paws, and the kitten was tied to it. But the baby was alive, so don’t rush and get upset!

At the same time, he was in an awkward position, unable to move independently, and was dragged behind his mother, who had an attachment.

When people went to the building, they understood why my mother had come here. Besides the poor baby, there were children here tied to their feet.

When he got to the vet, they were finally able to remove the net and treated his body injuries as well.

Following this, I examined the kittens and treated them when needed. And finally, the children of the four-legged mother were sent under the “wing” so that she did not worry.

Now they are all under repair!

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