The dog swam to shore for hours to save his master.

Dogs are incredibly loyal animals. The most interesting and unforgettable stories have been written about them, and they surprise us every time with their behavior. Today we are talking to you about true friendship between animals and humans.

A fisherman took his German Shepherd out to sea. Everything was calm and nothing seemed to be happening. But disaster happened: the boat capsized and the man fell overboard. No chance of clearing the boat itself, the coast is far away.

Meanwhile, the dog took a fishing net and started swimming towards the shore. Here another fisherman spotted the dog and immediately noticed something unusual. Without hesitation, he went in search of the boat. He radioed other fishermen and the Coast Guard for help.

Of course, the dog did not stay on the beach, but he knew that people would help him and he left with the fishermen to find his master. The dog whimpered and tried to jump into the water to get closer to his master.

The overturned boat was quickly found. The fisherman clung to the bottom and managed to stay afloat. Here, the furry companion was no longer able to hold on. The dog quickly jumped into the water and swam to his master.

The fisherman was confident he would find him soon. More than anything, he worried about his dog, who had wandered off somewhere else. The good news is that the story ends well! Animals are the most loyal and devoted friends.

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