They married 70 years ago – and left on the same day, minutes apart

Norma John Platell, 90, and Francis Ernest Platell, 92, were in a nursing home on the night of January 6. Their beds were side by side so they could hold hands.

That night, on the next round, the nurse looked into the Platells’ bedroom and found that the two guests were not sleeping, but simply lying there with their eyes closed. Norma was agitated and Francis was breathing heavily. When she returned to see them 10 minutes later, she found that they were both not breathing. The doctor was unable to accurately determine the difference in the time of death of the two spouses, so the same data was indicated in their documents.

Three years ago, a woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which has progressed significantly. Over the past year, she has lost all her vitality and has practically stopped speaking. His last words were “my husband”.

Francis did his best to care for his wife, however, despite the help of nurses, he found it difficult to care for her. Then the man had to send his wife to a nursing home.

He came to see her every day and spent all his time with her. The couple ate lunch together, watched TV on a small couch in the living room, and held hands the entire time.

Norma often fell asleep on her husband’s shoulder.

When Francis fell and broke his hip, he was placed in the same house where his wife lived.

Norma, incomprehensibly, despite her dementia, recognized him. If he refused to eat, she refused too. If he refused water, so did she. She imitated his behavior.

The first time they met was at a ball. Norma was dressed in a long pale blue dress and there was a hint of jasmine in her loose brown hair. Francis thought she was a movie star. To buy an engagement ring, he had to sell his motorcycle.

Some say that the lovers’ children are orphans. But not in this case. They have always had enough love for their three children – sons Michael, Cameron and daughter Amanda – as well as their five grandchildren and many friends.

From their wedding day until the last day of their lives, they were happy to be close to each other and hoped to live to see their platinum wedding anniversary.

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