In this school, all the little ones learned sign language for a deaf student

This school did everything possible to make the new student feel part of the community, writes Unilad.

The kids and teachers at Consolidated School in Dayton, Maine learned sign language to greet the school’s first deaf student.

They now know the 20 essential words and phrases to help Maury Bélanger settle into his new class.

In the school building, teachers posted posters with helpful tips on sign language so that other little ones could communicate with the six-year-old girl.

Principal Kimberly Sampietro is convinced that Mori’s arrival at the American School was a positive moment for all of its staff and students, who broadened their horizons.

“Mori, without even knowing it, taught us a lot. She brought a culture to our building that we didn’t have before. We have set up a support system to help students who are hard of hearing. »

It is clear that these efforts did not go unnoticed, and Mori quickly got used to her new class. The little ones welcomed her.

Mama Maury – Shannon Bélanger, of course, in seventh heaven:

“She is very happy with the way she was received and enjoys going to school every day. Yes, the little ones are thrilled to know sign language – they think it’s fun. »

Mori has been diagnosed with a hearing disorder so rare it has no name. She has moderate to severe hearing loss and wears a hearing aid and uses sign language.

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