Man rescues stray dog ​​found alive in old shoe

Life can be tough for a stray dog. He has to fend for himself: without a home, he has to find his food and his shelter in the street.

It’s even more heartbreaking when the stray dog ​​is just a young pup.

Her only comfort was an old shoe.

But when a rescuer found him, he decided to give him a new life. Goran Marinkovic, originally from Serbia, is a man dedicated to helping all the stray animals in his community. He currently feeds over 100 strays, a great labor of love that he pays out of pocket.

“I save animals that are endangered, that live on the streets. I take care of animals because I love them,” he told Bored Panda. “I feed abandoned animals on the streets that do not receive food from humans and have no owners. Their number is constantly increasing. »

But among all the animals he has helped, a little dog he discovered last March really stands out. When he flushed out the little dog, all alone and fending for herself, she was using an old shoe for shelter.

Facebook/Goran Marinkovic

He found the little dog in a pile of rubbish upon hearing her cries. “Passing through a narrow path, I heard crying coming from the rocks,” Goran told The Dodo. “She was cold, hungry and thirsty. I had food, so straight away I gave him some salami”.

Goran did not see a mother or any other puppies. He realized the pup was on his own – and he doubted he could survive the elements any longer with just an old boot for warmth.

So he decided to help the dog, which she eagerly accepted.

“She was exhausted,” says Goran. “She knew I could be her only chance, so she lay down and surrendered to fate. »

Facebook/Goran Marinkovic

According to The Dodo, he named the little one, Coco, and once she was safe, he realized she had a bright, cheerful personality and was good with people.

Goran then set to work trying to find Coco a new home. After sharing her story on social media, he fielded adoption requests and found the perfect home for her in Germany.

He says he is keeping in touch with the family and receiving photos of Coco, which show how much she has grown and changed since last year. Goran says Coco is currently traveling with her new family.

Facebook/Goran Marinkovic

It’s a very happy ending for Coco, but Goran is far from done. He will continue to take care of all the strays he can, and hopes they can find homes like Coco.

“Every dog ​​rescued from the streets that finds a home is a victory for me,” he told The Dodo.

You have to be very nice to mobilize and help stray animals. We are thrilled that Coco has found a forever home. She’s come a long way since living in a shoe!

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