What Goldie Hawn looks like at 74. “I am a happy woman when I wake up and see him next to me”

Goldie Hawn is one of Hollywood’s brightest actresses. Looking at the beautiful blonde, one would think that the actress succeeded easily, but this is the greatest delirium. Goldie dreamed of the stage since childhood. The girl moved superbly, and her parents sent her to a dancing school. Dancing on stage, Hawn did not even dream of becoming an actress. Goldie was expelled from the institute, and the reason was, again, dancing. The girl often missed classes.

Even then, Holdy thought about the career of an actress. She was well aware that she had a bright and memorable appearance. The agent who brought Hawn to the movies was mesmerized by her bottomless blue eyes. The rising star was in demand in Hollywood, directors bragged about his comedic talent.

Despite a successful career, Goldie dreamed of marriage. She wanted to find a man who would protect her and love her with all his heart. The first two marriage attempts failed.

During the divorce, both husbands sued Goldie at home, leaving the actress with nothing. Goldie met Kurt Russell by chance.

The actor seemed narrow-minded and rustic to him, but it was he who was destined to become the man the actress dreamed of.

In Kurt and Goldie’s marriage, a son was born and the sad past was left behind.

Perhaps Russell and Hawn are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

Goldie once admitted, “I’m happy when I wake up and see him next to me.”

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