16 famous men who have become more charming over the years

What to hide, everyone wants to avoid old age, but so far no one has succeeded. Among other things, we feel like we only get worse as we get older. The material contains the famous people who have broken this stereotype. It’s unclear what will happen to them later, but for now, the dynamics of changes in the appearance of these men only make fans happy.

We do not know if they go to great lengths for this or for the great merit of nature, but the result is obvious. We present their young and current images for the judgment of our readers, mainly representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

The Mature Schweiger. The German will soon celebrate his 57th birthday this year

This actor became famous after the series “First Aid”. That’s right, George Clooney. He is 59 years old

Zac Efron is still very young compared to most of today’s material stars, but look at the dynamic. 33 Years

Another conqueror of women’s hearts is Justin Timberlake. 39 years old

Believe it or not, Jude Law is 47 years old.

You may remember Matthew Lewis as Longbottom. Those who have watched the Harry Potter movies. That is, the period of adolescence has passed, 31 years

In addition to the creative merits, there is also a father of many children, Will Smith, 52

Another distinguished actor Nicolas Cage looks like this at the age of 56

Channing Tatum turns 40 this year

Leonardo DiCaprio, 46 ​​years old. If you don’t remember the times when the star grows

Another representative of Hollywood is Dwayne Johnson, 46.

Australian actor and father Hugh Jackman turns 52 this year.

Of course, we couldn’t add Robert Downey Jr. to the selection. 55-year-old man

Keanu Reeves, born in Lebanon, celebrated his 56th birthday

How old do you think Ryan Reynolds is? No more, no less: 44

Tom Hardy is 43 years old on his passport

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