False eyelashes, hair and bright lipstick: the stylist creates a youthful look for a grandmother

Makeup is a great idea because it can hide all your flaws and highlight your assets.

The make-up artist applies the foundation and draws the contours of the face. Indeed, makeup is the same sculpting agent that can also highlight and sculpt certain features.

Moreover, there was not only modest makeup, but also false eyelashes and red lipstick.

There was also another version of the makeup. Judging by her smile, this woman seemed to be happy to have this experience.

Her eyebrows were widened, a thin layer of eyeshadow was applied to her lids, and purple lipstick was applied to her lips.

The hairdresser also used fake hair.

How do you find him ? In the photo, we can see that the old lady is happy.

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