Fast Food Owner Helps Her Young Employee: ‘You Don’t Stop Being a Mother Just Because It’s Not Your Child’

McDonald’s restaurants serve billions of burgers every year, but there’s one restaurant in the United States where workers are served — and saved — by a very special woman. Andrea De La Rosa, assistant manager of the restaurant, known for her kindness, helped a teenager who works with her in fast food to enroll in university. To date, 18-year-old Emanuel Graham is an economics student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

image: YouTube screenshot – CBS Evening News

“I didn’t think I would make it to college or senior year,” says Graham, who credits his remarkable turnaround, at least in part, to his mentor Andrea, who gave countless young people from Lynn, Massachusetts, an abundance of love and advice. “You never stop being a mother just because they’re not your children.“, commented the woman.

Graham took a liking to Andrea, so much so that he gave her the nickname “Mom McDonald”: “She treats me like I was her son. She always checks in on me. She makes sure I have everything I need,” he commented. The deputy director explained that managing young people in their first job is not just about giving orders: “It’s about listening, helping with homework, university applications and everything the rest for young people who work in fast food.”

“It’s just a little kindness, a little love that means so much to someone,” Graham said. I’ve been single since I was 14. Having someone by my side who supported me, who helped me through this ordeal, slowly healed what I was missing,” he added.

However, sweet Andrea is not only kind to Graham, but to all the young people in the restaurant. Employees said their favorite assistant manager answers the phone at all hours of the day and gives some the mother figure they never had. It is truly amazing how this woman has managed to guide these boys and girls with kindness and respect.

An example to remember and, if possible, to follow.

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