“I’m ready to go…”: Jane Fonda victim of cancer and facing death, terrible secrets

Two months after announcing that she had cancer of the lymphatic system, Jane Fonda gave up heartbreaking confidences in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”.

After having fought breast cancer in 2010 and had surgery for a cancerous lip tumor in 2018Jane Fonda announced, last September on her Instagram account, to be suffering from blood cancer, affecting his lymphatic system. Wishing to reassure his fans, the star of Grace and Frankie on Netflix she then specified that she had started chemotherapy and endure treatment well, promising that the disease would not interfere with his climate activism.

A few months later, the star, who is about to celebrate her 85th birthday, opened up with great sincerity about her fragile state of health in an interview with EntertainmentTonight. If the American actress admits that she is doing well, she specifies however that it is physically exhausting. “My week of chemo is a real challenge, you’re tired, but once this week is over, it’s great“, she describes before adding that she was able to travel and campaign for candidates committed to the climate during the midterms in the United States (with the risk for Democratic President Joe Biden of seeing his party being swept away, the ballot boxes having finally been lenient for him).

Jane Fonda ready to pass the torch

Carried and encouraged by all the love of her fans, the actress admits: “It means a lot to me. It touches me.“A support that has allowed Jane Fonda to continue to fight for the causes that are close to her heart, while fighting against the disease. Committed to the fight against global warming for many years, the iconic interpreter of Barbarella also spoke at length about the association the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP) which she founded to raise funds and awareness for the treatment of teenage pregnancies.

But the star also encourages other personalities to use their fame to highlight causes. And since I won’t be here very long, celebrities need to get involved in this cause so that they can help keep it going.“, she said, ready to pass the torch.

Jane Fonda, her fight until the end: ready to face death

But the actress is already looking forward to celebrate his 85th birthday on December 21 with the family. “My daughter and my grandchildren are coming from Vermont and my son and his wife and child, who live in Los Angeles, and some friends are coming. We’ll have a quiet time“, she announced with a smile. “When you’re my age, it’s better to be aware of the time behind you and not in front of you. I mean, it’s just realistic (…) I’m not afraid to die. I’m ready to go, I’ve had a great life. Not that I want to leave, but I know it will be sooner rather than later.” she says.

After years of activism, the star dedicates her fights to her grandchildren. I want to see my grandchildren grow old enough so that I can go away knowing that they will be fine (…) That’s why everything I do for the climate is important. I will until I fall apart“, she concludes.

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