Jenifer, who is a mother of 3 children and “cleans her toilets”, is back on stage, wearing tight pants: Internet users are delighted

Jenifer gave birth to a new baby last year. The happy mother of three children has lost none of her presence so far. In withdrawal for some time, the very talented singer assumes in the best way both her life as a mother and her professional career.

At the Paris Paradis Festival which took place from September 16 to 18, 2022, Jenifer made her return in front of her audience. Her first concert in more than three years was met with enthusiasm from fans.

The public present at the Parc de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris was pleasantly surprised to see her back on stage.

Jenifer was eager to return to the front of the stage after all these years of scarcity. She appeared very fit with skintight and shiny pants.

Radiant as usual, the singer revisited her large repertoire of songs to please her many fans.

After giving birth very early to her first child, she protects her 3 sons like a “wolf” mother.

Jenifer is a very famous artist who knows how to manage her popularity with her audience. On the other hand, she does not want to expose her family, in particular her three sons. She keeps them away from the media to spare them the hassle of fame.

The Star Academy winner is a mother of three lovely children. Her first son, Aaron (18) was born from her romance with musician Maxim Nucci aka Yodlice.

Her second son, Joseph is 8 years old and comes from her relationship with Thierry Neuvic. His last one-year-old son from his marriage to Ambroise Fieschi is called Juvanni.

The interpreter of Maya the bee spoke about her motherhood in the title “En Attendant” from her new album “N°9″. During a visit to Sud Radio, Jenifer also spoke about her daily life as a mother. She claimed:

“I am a working mom like many moms!”

His friends and his family help him a lot to keep his feet on the ground and stay lucid. Her very rhythmic daily life as a mother allows her to channel certain energies and she does not complain about it. On the contrary, she appreciates it very much.

Jenifer remains an ordinary woman and mother like the others

Despite all her success, Jenifer does not remain the same in private. She leads a peaceful life as a mother and wife. In an interview with Télé 7 Jours, she admitted that she had “a bit of the life of Madame Tout le monde“.

When she’s not on tour or in the studio, Jenifer is proud to be reunited with her children. She considers herself “a lot of working moms trying to do their best”. When she is at home, she does household chores like everyone else.

Far from the glitz of the stage, Jenifer says:

“I vacuum and clean my toilets. »

The Star Academy winner knows how to have a good time with her family. On a daily basis, she makes sure to have fluid communication and moments of pleasure with her loved ones.

She never misses an opportunity to enjoy a picnic or a family walk in the park when the weather is favourable.

He sometimes goes on playful outings with his children, which will allow them not only to have fun, but also to learn new things. For example, the artist said he discovered several theaters for children.

In addition, she also visits bookstores that offer good books for children because she believes it is important to tell stories to children. To balance the education of her children, she does not hesitate to put books at home while putting television aside.

During festive periods such as the end of the year, she enjoys performances around Santa Claus. When the time permits, Jenifer pleases her children by allowing them to recharge their batteries and eat well.

Moreover, although she does not cook every day, small treats are constantly on the program.

“I don’t like to cook every day, but I do my best to provide a balanced diet for my children. At the moment, I like oven dishes, like fish for example: it’s quick, healthy and everyone likes it. But I’m more of a mother wolf… I’ve already prepared several dishes at the same time to satisfy everyone’s tastes. »

she confided.

Jenifer is back on stage… in a rather extraordinary look: Internet users are enthusiastic

After spending three years away from the stage, Jenifer signed her big comeback in front of her audience. His long absence is due to the coronavirus pandemic which has raged and the birth of the third child who was born last year.

Enthusiastic about the idea of ​​finding her fans, Jenifer prepared accordingly. To impress them, she dared a bold look as usual. The singer sported tight pants in a bright color accompanied by a green blouse.

She impressed for this first outing because of her form. The star seemed full of energy and visibly happy to see the public again. Many fans have not failed to highlight Jenifer’s look on her Instagram account.

This release made the public euphoric at the idea of ​​seeing her again and some are already thinking about the next tour. Indeed, the release of his new album is scheduled for October. But his next tour will take place next year.

It will be necessary to wait until March 18, 2023 to see Jenifer again in front of the Parisian public on the occasion of her concert at the Accor Arena. She wanted to mark the occasion by performing for the first time in this essential place.

Inevitably, Internet users and fans are impatient to see this!

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