Sophie Marceau celebrates her 56th birthday: salary, couple, children, James Bond, moving…

Sophie Marceau celebrated her 56th birthday on November 17. But what do you know of the favorite French actress and tricolor muse abroad? Her childhood, her real name, her salary in La Boum, her ex-companions, her son Vincent who became an artist, her new couple… Discover the secrets of the actress.

Sophie Marceauwho celebrated her 56th birthday on November 17, entered the hearts of the French in 1980 thanks to her cult role in The party. Since then, the actress has never left. The actress has burst the screen in dozens of films, has been a james bond girl and directed several feature films. But not enough to swell the ankles of this little fiancée of the French, who cultivates discretion and simplicity. Here’s everything you (perhaps) didn’t know about Sophie Marceau, star and mother whose son, Vincent, happily appears in photos on Instagram…

The latest news on Sophie Marceau Where did Sophie Marceau live before becoming famous?

Sophie Maupu, her real name, first grew up in Scales, in Seine-et-Marne. She lives there in a house with her father, a truck driver, her mother, an employee in a Parisian department store, her brother and her cousin. Then, the teenager moved with her family to a HLM apartment at 162, rue Gabriel-Péri in Gentillyin the Paris region.

How old was Sophie Marceau in La Boum 1 and 2?

It is to earn pocket money that Sophie Maupu enrolls in a teen advertising agency. She auditions for the new film by Claude Pinoteau, The party, and is quickly hired to play the role of Vic Beretton, as she bursts the screen. We are in 1980 and the teenager is only 13 years old. At this moment, she does not suspect that her destiny has just changed.

Why is Sophie Marceau called Marceau?

When the young teenager begins to shoot in Claude Pinoteau’s film, Sophie Maupu is asked to change surname for his career. But then, why does she opt for “Marceau”? “I had been given a list of the streets of Paris, avenues, boulevards. I chose avenue Marceau to at least keep my initials. Well, I could have been called Sophie de la Pompe (laughs), but I didn’t care about the particle“, she had explained to the Madame Figaro.

What was Sophie Marceau’s salary in The party ?

To play the role that made her known to the general public, Sophie Marceau had not been “well paid“, according to his confidences to Gala. “For La Boum, I received 40,000 francs or 6,000 euros. That said, I was underage and couldn’t touch it. I was just entitled to 4,000 francs in cash… I didn’t manage to spend them (…) In fact, I bought 33 rpm records downstairs from my house, three clothes and two bullshit and that was enough for me“, she explained.

What was Sophie Marceau’s salary the year LOL was released?

For the actress who had been more discreet for some time, 2009 was a prolific year. The actress, who starred in Lisa Azuelos’ film, LOLwith Christa Theret, had pocketed about three million euros at the timeaccording Le Figaro. On average, Sophie Marceau would have been paid 765,000 euros per filmthis year.

Did Sophie Marceau play in James Bond?

The actress plays Elektra, daughter of an oil tycoon, in the James Bond film, The world is not enough, released in 1999. At the time, Agent 007 was played by the talented Pierce Brosnan. For Sophie Marceau, being one of the actors who played in the saga james bondvsis a bit like entering a chapel“, according to his confidences to Tele-Leisure.

Who are the ex-companions of Sophie Marceau?

Sophie Marceau falls in love with the Polish director Andrzej Żuławski, when she was only 18 years old. Together they give birth to a son, Vincent, in 1995. After 17 years of love, they separated in 2001. It was in the arms of producer Jim Lemley that she found love again. He is also the father of his daughter, named Julietteborn June 13, 2002. But in 2007, while shooting her film The Disappeared of Deauville with Christophe Lambert, Sophie Marceau falls madly in love with the actor and separates from Jim Lemley. A romance that lasts until 2014.

Sophie Marceau mother of Vincent: PHOTOS of her son

If he is quite discreet, Vincent is like all young people his age: addicted to Instagram. He has an account followed by more than 7000 subscribers on which we discover that he describes himself as a director, actor and writer; he also published the book The charlatan and other poems.

With whom is Sophie Marceau in a relationship?

Now the actress is happily in love with the theater producer, Richard Caillat. A man “delicious, delicate, easy to touch“, according Gala. The actress would have met her man at the time of the first confinement. “Between them there is no competition. Richard is not a man to show off. They have found the right balance“, we also read.

Where does Sophie Marceau live today?

Sophie Marceau currently resides in Parisbut according to information from Here isthe actress in a relationship with theater producer Richard Caillat, would consider settling in Marseille with his companion, since the spring of 2022. This one would reside in a “magnificent house overlooking the sea, perched on the heights of the Phocaean city, and freshly renovated” if we are to believe Gala. “Of course, she will keep her apartment in Paris, because she values ​​her independence, but she really dreams of a Provençal love nest to share with Richard.“, we read in Here is.

According to his confidences to SHESophie Marceau never balks at making a fresh start, since she has moved no less than 22 times ! “I like the void so I can fill it. I empty all the time, I throw, I give, I sort, the accumulation worries me“, she confided.

Which therapy does Sophie Marceau follow?

After the death of her father, who died in 2020 following a long illness, Sophie Marceau faced mourning as best she could. The former interpreter of Vic in The party so tried the forest therapyaccording Audience. Kesako? It is a practice that consists of improving one’s well-being by getting closer to nature and, in particular, by hugging trees.

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