The 10 best films of Jean Réno – the most dangerous Frenchman in world cinema

Jean Renault was born in Morocco, of Spanish descent, moved to France with his family, served in the army and became a true Frenchman. It is for this reason that he is known to viewers. Reno has been interested in acting since he was a child, so, having barely decided on his homeland, he goes to study acting at the studio of René Simon in Paris. Renault has a cinema anniversary in 2019. Exactly forty years ago the first film with its participation was released.

Today we have prepared for you a selection of the best Jean Reno films (comedies, action films and thrillers) that the actor has given audiences over the decades, many of which he starred in. .

Leon (1994)

The Blue Abyss (1988)Trouble (2003)

Crimson Rivers (2000)

Aliens (1993)Ronnie (1998)

Wasabi (2001)

The French Kiss (1995)

The Pink Panther (2006)

Nikita (1990)

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