20-Year-Old Can’t Stand Baby Crying And Being Rude: Dad Makes Him Realize He Did Wrong

Being a parent isn’t always easy, and it’s probably one of the hardest things a person can do. Plus, nothing makes the already difficult job of parenting more complicated than judgment and lack of compassion from others. We’re talking expressions and sighs on the plane if there’s a restless child, or whispers like “Why is there a child here?” Sure, that’s not ideal, but weren’t we all children once? What should we do?

So wondered Lucy Hatami, a young British mother who found herself in trouble while out eating with her 8 month old son.

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Lucy was trying to calm her child, Ben, while trying to eat his meal at the restaurant as her son screamed and cried. Her outburst disturbed the other diners in the restaurant, but everyone remained silent except for one young man.

So while Lucy struggled with her crying son Ben and tried to eat his breakfast, she was left speechless hearing a man in his twenties muttering, “I wish she would shut that thing up!”. Before the mother could respond, something unexpected happened. Surprised by this episode, Lucy decided to share her story in a Facebook post.

image: Pexels – Not The Actual Photo

“You’re in a restaurant trying to eat breakfast while your 8 month old son is crying and a 20 year old walks up muttering that he would like some quiet. Before you can even answer, his dad comes up behind him, pats him on the ear and says, ‘What did you think you were doing, being perfect? You were a rude boy yourself. Now stop being a baby, go see her, apologize and offer to bring her breakfast, because it’s obvious that her hands are busy!’ So I had my buffet breakfast with table service and good coffee, Lucy recounted. Thank you to this dad who, even after 20 years, still remembers the difficulty of being a parent”, she added.

The post quickly made the rounds on social media, winning congratulations and solidarity from dozens of parents. And you? How would you have reacted?

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