49-year-old woman slammed for wearing bikini: ‘I’d rather have fun than listen to what people say about me’

It is sometimes said that age does not matter and that other aspects of life must be taken into consideration when deciding what to do or what not to do. However, not everyone agrees with this idea and sometimes they indulge in derogatory comments and criticism towards those who, on the contrary, make it their lifestyle.

An example of this is the story ofa 49-year-old woman who was harshly criticized because of what she was wearingbecause, according to many, it was not suitable for his age.

Paula Ede is a beautiful woman approaching her fifties, mother of three children and grandmother of five, who “bothered” the web by posting pictures of herself in a bikini. From then on, a great debate began around his alleged audacity and many people spoke out against his choice.

According to many netizens, after a certain age, it is better to leave out clothes that are too young, in order to dress “properly”. But who has the right to say what are the best clothes for fifty-somethings? There are no precise rules on the subject and everyone chooses according to their needs, their physique, their style and, why not, their more or less youthful spirit.

So many men and women don’t like to give up what we might call younger clothes to wear more “adult” things, but is that so wrong? For Paula, absolutely not, and that’s why she chose not to be intimidated by those who criticize her, continuing on her way with her head held high.

image: pcminchella_paulaede/Instagram

“If you want to wear a bikini, do it no matter what your age,” the woman said. And then, instead of dwelling on the negative reviews she receives, this grandmother prefers to have fun and give free rein to her passion for fashion. Her wardrobe is full of clothes of all kinds and shapes, not too expensive, but beautiful and elegant. Not to mention that she has a beautiful physique that she manages to maintain thanks to four weekly gym sessions and walking to work.

The physical is there, the spirit too, why should she give it up and not even wear a bikini because of the comments of others? She chose not to be swayed and to move forward with her head held high.

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