A stray dog ​​will keep chasing a bus until the driver adopts him

When Jaypee Barcelinia boarded a bus in Quezon City, Philippines, he didn’t expect to share his seat with a furry passenger. But after seeing how far the stray was willing to go for a chance to board, he was happy to make room for him.

“The stray dog ​​was sitting on the public road, and when our jeepney [un moyen de transport public local] passed, she suddenly ran after the jeepney and wanted to take a ride,” Barcelinia said.

The dog tried six times to jump on the jeepney, according to Barcelinia, but each time she failed. Each time the bus slowed down, the dog put her front paws on the reverse gear, and fell as soon as the bus pulled away.

The driver was reluctant to let the dog board, fearing the stray pup would run amok and bite a passenger.

“At first the driver of the jeepney was afraid to get the dog on because here in the Philippines it’s unusual to see a dog chasing a jeep,” Barcelinia said.

No matter how tired the dog was, she seemed to want to catch up with the vehicle. The driver eventually relented and finally stopped the bus. But this time, the panting dog didn’t try to put her paws on the reverse gear.

Instead, she waited, as if asking permission to go upstairs.

Eventually, the weary dog ​​got what she wanted – a well-deserved rest in the shade of the covered vehicle. “She got into the jeepney and then took a nap inside,” Barcelinia said.

And that’s not all …

“Even after the trip was over, the dog didn’t want to leave,” Barcelinia said. “The driver now keeps her and takes care of her”.

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