Dog searches for mom’s keys after she loses them on walk

Enzo has always had a knack for finding things. So when his mum recently lost her keys on a walk around their home in Sweden, Enzo knew there was no need to panic – he was on it.

“I thought I was going to get them myself,” said Caroline, Enzo’s mother, who asked that her last name not be used. “When I realized I could let Enzo take care of it”.

Watching her dog diligently sniff the side of the road, Caroline wasn’t sure he could locate such a small object among the tall grass.

But then, miraculously, she saw Enzo trotting happily towards her, the keys tinkling in his mouth.

As usual, Enzo expected nothing in return – he was just happy to help.

“He doesn’t ask for treats or anything when he finds things,” Caroline said. “I think he’s rewarded with the actual work, and to some extent with my happiness, telling him how proud I am of him.”

You can watch Enzo looking for the keys here:

If Enzo is happy to help his mom in a physical way, he is also very good at providing emotional support. After losing her beloved Dalmatian, Aston, in 2019, Caroline worried that she would never be able to close the hole left in her heart. But Enzo has arrived.

“Enzo definitely brought me back and lifted me up,” Caroline said. “We have that same strong and unique bond that I shared with Aston, but in a very different way…with Enzo I feel the best is yet to come.”

Whether it’s a missing pair of keys or a lost sense of connection, kind-hearted Enzo is thrilled to help his mom find whatever she needs. He doesn’t need treats in return – his happiness is reward enough.

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