Finland paints reindeer with reflective paint to prevent road accidents

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Do you remember the old Christmas movie about Rudolph the reindeer with the funny red nose? Now imagine that there are reindeer like this in real life, but instead of having noses, they have shiny horns. And the funny thing is that those horns save their lives.If you come to Finland, you can see it for yourself. A team of scientists traveled to Finland to observe this unusual phenomenon. This is a major problem in an area where 11 accidents involving reindeer occur every day. The result is that one of the people involved in an accident is seriously injured or worse.That’s why Anne Ollila, director of the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association, decided to use gloss paint to her advantage. Along with other workers, Anne painted the antlers, some of the fur and skin with fluorescent paint, which glows in the dark when the light from cars hits it.The reflectors mimicked the lights of other cars, leading drivers to believe the deer was just a car traveling in the same direction as them, and often they didn’t want to slow down.

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