He allows his 89-year-old neighbor to move in with him to look after her and help her

In life, there are times when we feel we have to do the right thing, maybe make a gesture towards our neighbor, make ourselves available, help without expecting anything in return. Examples of small or big actions that everyone can do to change someone’s life for the better. Whether it’s someone you know or not, the important thing is to be able to do something important and give a smile.

This is what a young man did for his elderly neighbor. At a very difficult time for the woman, he allowed her to move into his house so that she was not alone and to help her. Let’s find out their story.

It’s about Chris Salvatore, a young actor and model who took care of his elderly neighbor. At a complicated time in her life due to serious health problems, Norma Cook was able to move into the apartment opposite hers thanks to the helpfulness of the neighbor.

Norma and Chris had met some time before, when the boy moved and moved into the building next door to the woman. overwhelmed and saddened by a recently cut off relationship, the boy had found support and a confidante in the elderly woman. So, over time, the two shared more and more moments and their bond became very deep.

When the elderly woman began to suffer from numerous health issues and doctors told her she couldn’t be alone anymore, Chris decided it was time to return all the affection she always had for him. testified. As there were only two solutions, move to a retirement home or stay in the hospital to receive all the necessary care and assistance 24 hours a day, the young man made his choice. He talked to Norma and asked her if she wanted to move in with him so he could take care of her. And so it was.

The two former neighbors then roommates spent unforgettable moments together. “We joked, laughed, drank champagne and ate peanuts,” says Chris, still in the company of Hermès, his faithful feline friend.

A gesture of altruism that moves us and makes us look at the world with eyes full of hope. We don’t know it, but in the world there are so many people like Chris who have big hearts and are willing, if they can, to do anything to make sure others are well. Of course, he couldn’t make the old woman’s ailments go away, but he tried to cheer her up when he could and give her the presence she needed.

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