How does the son of Louis de Funes live today, who did not follow in his father’s footsteps, but became a pilot?

Children of famous parents often choose to follow in their footsteps. But it also happens that even the persuasion of relatives to continue the family business does not help, and the children decide to learn a completely different profession.

Today we will tell you about such a case.

This is what happened to the son of the famous actor Louis de Funes Olivier. He is the youngest of three children and his father saw good acting tendencies in him. And those around her noted her attractive appearance, which would help her film career a lot. Since childhood, Louis de Funes tried to promote Olivier’s interest in the theater, they even starred together in the film Fantomas.

But the boy realized that the cinema was not his element. The sky has become his dream. But his father was afraid of such a dangerous job, so he did his best to dissuade Olivier. But the boy insisted on his own, and after training he began to work as a pilot for the French airline Air France, where he built an excellent career. He retired in 2010. Since then, Olivier devotes time to his family and does not like publicity.

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