Mom Reveals Why She Makes Twins Sleep In Separate Beds: ‘They Love Each Other And Hate Each Other!’

Having a child is a magical experience, but having twins is something even more unique: there is twice as much love, but also effort and patience. Lauren Berty, from Richmond, Virginia (USA), knows this well. She often shares many videos of her adorable twins, Shiloh and Ever-Grace, with her 128,000 followers on TikTok. In the videos, the mother-of-three often gives advice on how to raise newborn babies and tips on how best to handle twins. Although most of the videos show Shiloh and Ever-Grace loving each other, the young mother wanted to show the “real” life of the two little sisters.

image: TikTok/twinmama_lboogie

The videos of the sweet little sisters are so adorable that they immediately made the rounds on social media, catching the attention of many parents of twins who envied the affection the little ones have for each other.

Some more curious users asked their mom why she didn’t allow the twins to sleep together in their bed, because in many videos the little ones are looking for each other and even exchange goodnight kisses. Lauren therefore decided to make a compilation video that shows the flip side of the affection between the twins. “Yes, they love each other, but they bicker just as much“, explained the mother.

image: TikTok/twinmama_lboogie

The video shared by Lauren begins with several tender moments where we see the twins climbing over the bars of the bed, hugging and patting each other affectionately on the back. But after only a few seconds, the loving moments between the little sisters quickly turn into a struggle through the bars of their beds. Within moments, little Shiloh and Ever-Grace begin slapping each other, pushing each other on the floor, pulling hair and biting each other, while still in their separate beds.

“What can I say, some days my twins choose to bicker and I’m grateful for those nights because they stay a bit apart. Plus honestly they seem to sleep better in their own bed,” Lauren wrote in the caption. “But if they decide to climb on top of each other, I won’t try to stop them, unless they decide to do somersaults!” she concludes ironically.

Have any of you had similar experiences with your twins? Tell us in the comments !

@twinmama_lboogie What can I say, some days my twins choose violence – and I’m grateful on those nights that there is a bit of separation😅. And honestly, they each just seem to sleep better in their own beds. But hey if they choose to climb in with one another- I won’t try and stop them unless the throwin’ hangs 😜🥰 #twins #twinsisters #twintok #toddlertok #toddler #twintoddlers #funnykidvideos #funnybabyvideos #babymonitor #bertytwins #fyp # twinmom #twinmama ♬ original sound – Lauren Berty

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