She gets tattooed 12 times in a year and is criticized: “I am told that at 58, I am too old for that”

The art of tattoo has become increasingly popular. Many people decide to incise a small design, a phrase or other on their body, something that will remain indelible forever. Whether it is to remember a love, a child, a more or less happy moment in one’s life, to celebrate something important or simply for the pleasure of art, the reasons can be many and all different depending on who decides to do it.

But is there an ideal age for all this, so that when you reach 40 or 50, you have to resign yourself and convince yourself that you can never get a tattoo again? A lot of people think so but it certainly isn’t. lonni pikea beautiful woman of 57 years old who likes to characterize his body with the most colorful patterns. Let’s get to know her together.

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Lonni is a mother having fully accepted the passage of time and, indeed, it seems that she is not disturbed by it and that she does not think of stopping getting tattooed. Exactly. This woman, who has always been fascinated by this universe, has a real irrepressible passion for body drawing art. That is why, although she has been past her 50s for a while, she has enriched her arms, legs and other body parts with no less than 12 new tattoos within a year.

Every time Lonni makes one, she likes to share it with social network users and show new result in color or other. It is a way not only of letting those who follow her know the evolution of this aspect of her life, but also of responding with a form of protest to those who think she should stop getting tattoos because she’s too “old”. Indeed, there are those who, more than once, have commented on his content on the web, telling him that it would be good to start taking his age into account and containing himself. But Lonni has no such intention.

image: grayhairandtattoos/Tik Tok

Already criticized for her way of dressing, Considered by many – perhaps too many – excessively young and unsuited to her, the woman has been the subject of comments from those who do not appreciate her choices and try in every way to discourage her. “Everyone is free to do what they want. Wear what you love, because no one is ever too old for themselves” : it is with these words that this mother wanted to send a message of encouragement to those who let themselves be defeated by the comments of others, in addition to responding to these same people.

The idea is that everyone, men and women of all ages, must first feel good about themselves. Once this balance is achieved, we can also live peacefully with others.

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