Sylvester Stallone has broken the silence. “No pain can compare to the pain of losing a child”

Sylvester Stallone is associated with the strong and courageous Rocky, whom he played on screen. It seems like nothing can break this man. However, life is an unpredictable thing that can confuse even the strongest and most stubborn person. Sylvester very painfully survived the death of his eldest son. Sage died in 2012 at the age of 36.

Stallone then asked reporters and fans to understand their grief and respect his son’s memory. This huge loss crippled Sylvester, who loved his firstborn. Recall that Sage died of a heart attack. Stallone was estranged from Sage’s mother, but the shared loss reunited the ex-spouses.

After this tragedy, they were often seen together. Sage himself would follow in the footsteps of his famous father. They even starred in the movie “Rocky 5” together. A happy father who mended his relationship with his hurt son, who couldn’t forgive him after his separation from his mother and couldn’t think that life would soon separate them forever.

Stallone remained silent for a long time, unwilling to comment on the family’s grief. Soon Stallone would say, “Losing my son is my worst loss. Believe me, no pain can compare to the pain of losing a child. Sylvester also said that you have to be able to survive the loss and move on or else you risk finding yourself in a vicious cycle. The beloved “Rocky” was able to overcome the pain and continue to live and create, to the joy of his fans.

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