This girl’s neat and elegant handwriting has been recognized as the best in the world

Handwriting is a lost skill. If in the past we trained through specific exercises with the aim of making our writing understandable and elegant, today, with the use of computers and technological devices, we tend to give up pen and paper in favor of the keyboard. If, on the one hand, it allows us to speed up our writing, on the other hand, it does not allow us to train our way of writing. How many of us have been accused of having illegible handwriting? This is certainly not the case with Prakriti Mallaa 14-year-old girl from Nepal who was assigned the best handwriting in the world.

image: kristinferguson/twitter

His texts perfectly ordered and aligned, carefully handwritten, seem to reproduce elaborate computer typefaces. It’s no coincidence that many people suggest turning his style into a computerized font and typeface. Prakriti’s talent is certainly innate, but she has it cultivated with passion and love. Before being known worldwide for her writings, she was already praised by her family, classmates and teachers: all recognized her ability.

image: kristinferguson/twitter

The texts she writes are neat, clean and flawless. Each word is equidistant from the next and the symmetry is really impressive. The young student became famous in her country for this: she was rewarded by the Nepalese armed forces for her undeniable talent and participated in several competitions.

Image: Utkal Today/Youtube

Is it possible to write such elegant and neat texts by hand? Absolutely yes, it’s not easy but with practice and constant exercise, we can certainly improve. Writing is a means of self-expression andlearn concepts faster and more effectively, and it would certainly be good if we all devoted more time to this activity. It is certainly difficult to approach the levels of Prakriti, but we are sure that you too have the desire to pick up pen and paper and try to imitate its fascinating way of expressing itself.

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