This mother sleeps in the living room to leave a room for her 18-year-old daughter: “I respect her privacy”

A good parent will do everything for the well-being of their child…even sleep on the sofa if necessary! A mum has been talked about on TikTok, after showing her house and clarifying some background details. The woman, who calls herself “dollie_victoria2” on social media, explained that she prefers to sleep on the sofa to give her 18-year-old daughter some privacy, knowing that the house the family resides in is a two-room apartment and that everyone’s needs are different. In addition to her adult daughter, the woman is also the mother of two other young children, a boy and a girl.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get by when financial problems persist, but a parent is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their children.

image: TikTok/dollie_victoria2

Initially, the woman simply posted a video on TikTok to show everyone her house. It’s no palace, of course, and you can see that from his own wry comments: “Here’s a bunch of clean stuff that should go in the drawers” or “That’s how we keep our toothbrushes , although we have a toothbrush holder, but as you can see it’s full of other stuff that we never use”. The reason why she made this video? Apparently a lot of people are ashamed of their homes, so she came up with the idea to show hers and make everyone who has a better home than hers feel better. In any case, it appears from the video that the woman has a bed in the living room and the users certainly did not miss this detail.

Why is she sleeping in the living room with her partner?

image: TikTok/dollie_victoria2

The answer is simple: the woman lives in a two-room apartment with her partner and three children. Thus, in addition to the kitchen, she only has two other rooms, one for her children aged one and four, who share it, and the other for the exclusive use of her 18-year-old daughter-in-law. . The mother says she has the most great respect for her daughter’s privacy and, therefore, sleeps in the living room with her partner without any problems, because the house is too small for the whole family anyway and she cannot change the situation at the moment. “That’s how things work for us and I love this part of the house,” the mother said, in an explanation to users.

@dollie_victoria2Can’t we all just except that everyone is different 👍

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