A penguin swims 8000 km every year to visit the man who saved his life

A little penguin swims 8,000 km a year to visit the man who saved his life. This touching news brought the public to their knees. It is a true story of human kindness and animal gratitude, which is very rare in today’s life. It seems unlikely that what happened could be true. But it really happened.

In 2011, João Pereira, a Brazilian grandfather, helped a baby penguin that was stuck in a crevice in a coastal rock. This penguin’s body was completely covered in oil and grease and had almost no feathers.

This one helped free his new friend, whom he called Tintin. Joao took care of this unusual bird and fed it until it had enough to eat.

When she no longer needed his help, João Pereira released her back into the sea, not thinking she would see Tintin again. However, a few months later, the penguin reappeared on the beach and recognized his human friend.

Since that date, Tintin lives near Pereira 8 months a year and goes to Chile for 4 months to reproduce. To do this, he swims more than 8,000 kilometers a year. This news will surprise and move all who hear it. You can also discover this incredible case in this short video.

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