“She turned into an old woman.” the paparazzi showed the weakened face of Monica Bellucci without photoshop.

Monica Bellucci has always been an exemplary actress. She is an icon of style, of grace, of beauty. The actress has a wonderful attractive appearance. All the women in this world look at him and the men chant his name with admiration. He is always immaculate. Despite her age, Monica has a toned figure and a perfect face. Bellucci experiments with styles, he is always new and interesting.

However, recently the paparazzi photographed a completely different Monica Bellucci. In these photos, you’ll hardly be able to recognize your favorite shiny actress with sagging skin and a wrinkled face. And her new haircut added a few years to her. Fans were disappointed with how Bellucci actually looked. Such a woman, with age changes, does not correspond to their ideas about the warmth of an Italian beauty.

However, the actress is an opponent of plastic surgery, she believes that aging naturally is possible and necessary. It has its charm. Monica Bellucci is not going to change anything about her appearance and accepts every crease and wrinkle in her face. And anything unnecessary can always be retouched in Photoshop. One can only admire such a position. Despite everything, she remains the most beautiful woman on the planet with incredibly seductive talent, artistry, energy and charisma.

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