The 328 kg woman has lost weight and posted a new photo.

Ashley Dunn-Bratcher has shared her life story with netizens. It is impossible to remain indifferent, after learning what this strong woman had to go through. Until the age of 6, Ashley did not differ from her peers, but everything changed when her father left the family. The girl went through a difficult divorce from her parents, and then it turned out that her mother did not need her at all. Ashley’s mother did not pay her daughter due attention and Ashley was raised by a nanny.

The situation escalated when the girl’s nanny started harassing her in a grown-up way. Ashley couldn’t talk to her mother about her feelings, building up resentment within herself. Ashley quickly began to gain weight. Ashley decided to share her story when she was 27 and raising her 5-year-old son on her own. The woman said that the boy helps her with the housework: he heats the food, throws things in the washing machine and cleans the house. Ashley herself is unable to do her homework.

Most of Ashley’s free time is lying on the couch and barely leaving the house. Her back pain prevents her from standing for long periods of time. A woman whose life turned into hell decided to have surgery to reduce her belly.

Ashley managed to lose more than 100 kg in one year. Today, she weighs 226 kg. The woman is satisfied with the result, but understands that this is not the limit of her dreams. Ashley is not going to stop there.

Dunn-Bratcher also said that the stomach removal operation was not such an easy decision and caused her a lot of problems, but today Ashley does not regret her decision because she can afford which had been inaccessible to him for many years.

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