Yellowstone tourists come face-to-face with the park’s rarest animal

While visiting Yellowstone Park, a group of wildlife enthusiasts had a unique encounter with a wolverine, one of the park’s most elusive creatures.

This incredibly rare encounter left passengers and their guide stunned. Fortunately, a video of the event was made!

Last Saturday, a group of tourists were walking through the animal park, when the wolverine crossed the road right in front of them. He even stopped for a few moments and looked at them from a good distance.

The incredible encounter only lasted a few minutes, but was long enough to fascinate the group, including a 9-year-old girl who was with her father.

The 9-year-old kept saying, “Wow…we saw a wolverine today!” throughout the rest of the visit. For The Win Outdoors was told by tour company owner MacNeil Lyons. “She said it was the best day of her life,” I said.

Ms. Lyons even used Facebook to publicize this unusual encounter!

The odds of spotting a wolverine in Yellowstone are extremely slim, let alone crossing your path, so these tourists must consider themselves very lucky. There are only seven listed wolverines living in the park!

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