10 Hollywood Actresses Over 50 Who Decided To Age Without Plastic Surgery, Landing Interesting Roles In Their Old Age

Our favorite Hollywood stars don’t get into movies for looks — they get roles for talent who’s kind of coming of age. Young actresses are often very actively engaged in plastic surgery, adjusting to mythical standards, while many celebrities over 50 endure age, which is inexorably reflected in the face. Here are 10 Hollywood actresses who believe wrinkles are natural, so you shouldn’t be afraid of them. All are requested by directors and loved by audiences.

1. Charlotte Rampling (born in 1946)

Britain’s Rampling is a prime example of how to remain in demand in European and American cinema even after 70 years, landing venerable directorial roles. The actress calmly relates to age, and to old age – with complete acceptance as an inevitable part of life, which does not lose its wealth over the years.

2. Julia Roberts (b. 1967)

The main beauty of Hollywood has long proven herself as a talented and characteristic actress. She is very selective in her choice of roles and prefers to live more of a family life with her husband and three children. He does not wear designer clothes in everyday life and does not consider it necessary to get involved in preening his face.

3. Meryl Streep (born in 1949)

One of the most talented actresses of our time has always emphasized her indifference to a good life. In addition, she humorously treats her appearance, far from beauty standards, and age-related changes do not prevent the great Streep from getting new interesting roles.

4. Jacqueline Bisset (born in 1944)

One of the most beautiful actresses of the 70s has also decided to age naturally, and it makes us incredibly happy. Bisset has a type of appearance that would be greatly affected by surgeries, and even as an adult she looks very dignified.

5. Jane Fonda (b. 1937)

At over 80, Fonda remains in demand both in film and social life. And all this without the obvious “tuning”, which would leave no trace of the many wrinkles on his face. This does not prevent the actress from entering the red carpet and receiving universal admiration. The actress has had plastic in the past, which she does not hide.

6. Salma Hayek (born in 1966)

The Mexican beauty has probably made a deal with the devil. Otherwise, how to explain that she practically does not change over the years, although it is obvious that she does not abuse cosmetic procedures. She has wrinkles and signs of aging on her face, but the star, who turns 55 in 2021, isn’t shy at all.

7. Diane Keaton (b. 1946)

Keaton proudly maintains her status as Hollywood’s favorite actress, acting both as an adult and in her youth. These roles are bright and interesting, and the fans have grown. Her appearance, which changed in a natural way, did not change the career of an actress and the love of admirers of her amazing charisma one iota.

8. Helen Mirren (b. 1945)

The British actress won the bulk of her fans when she was already at a ripe old age. However, because in 2006, she herself embodied the Queen of Great Britain! The lack of interference doesn’t hurt Mirren, who continues to play decent, age-appropriate roles in movies.

9. Maggie Smith (b. 1934)

Smith is a true veteran of British stage and film, to which she has dedicated nearly 60 years of her life. Young viewers know the actress from her role in Harry Potter, and she has over 150 movies and TV shows to her credit! Maggie Smith became popular outside the UK already as an adult, and she didn’t need to get any younger to get interesting roles.

10. Judi Dench (born in 1934)

The same age as Maggie Smith, a fellow Brit with a similar fate in the movies and incredibly demanding as an adult. Unlike Smith, who primarily filmed in the UK, Dench repeatedly added high-profile Hollywood projects to his filmography, and continues to do so to this day.

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