Making a fringe to your guinea pig, the new popular trend on the Internet

In many homes, pets are so beloved that they are considered full members of the family. It is therefore logical that they benefit from the same attention. This goes through good food, gifts for their birthday but also through a very special coquetry.

If you are a guinea pig owner, you should know that this species, despite its very cute appearance and gentle demeanor, is not necessarily popular with the general public anymore. Indeed, in recent years, guinea pigs have had the image of an ordinary and often boring animal. This fall in success can be explained in particular by the fact that new pet owners are looking for more and more spectacular and practical partners.

Fringe to dust off the image of the guinea pig

Fortunately, some people have decided to do everything to restore the guinea pig’s reputation. To succeed in their rather daring bet, they have chosen to attack its hair by creating a fringe on its head which gives the animal an appearance worthy of the greatest models parading at Fashion weeks all over the world! And that was all it took for the trend to go viral on the web and thus draw our attention to the species.

The advantage of this fringe? In addition to being funny, it comes true in just a few scissors and less time than it takes to tell, enough to give ideas to some.

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