Older but not slower: how is Jacquouille the Rogue of ”The visitors” today.

At 70, Christian Clavier is still in good shape.

Old age does not diminish these forces.

As a young man, the future star of French cinema was interested in politics and even wanted to continue his training in this direction after high school. But this idea quickly cooled him and he entered the cinema and the theater, where he is today permanently.

Clavier’s destiny in life was to meet Jean Renault. The talented French actors complement each other and together write the script for the duo’s first film.

But the real glory came to Christian Clavier after the release of his first film about the famous “aliens”: the actor not only gained great notoriety but also became a hero of the same much later.

His collaboration with Gérard Depardieu, who embodies the famous Asterix, is also ideal.

Today, at the age of 70, Christian Clavier continues to film. Despite his advanced age, he is still so energetic on set. He doesn’t just act, but also writes, produces and directs.

Clavier was married 30 years ago to actress Marie-Anne Chazelle, who played a homeless woman. The actor has an adult daughter and grandchildren.

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